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Welcome on Board

Here you will find out the most important things so that our cooperation works smoothly, everyone is satisfied and you get your money quickly.

useful things

Your new BFF – Best Friend Forever

Drivers often get the short end of the stick. Driving bans, constant checks, problems with breaks. Not with us! We know you are a pivot point in the transport industry, and you supply everything we all need on a daily basis.

As a forwarder within the Spedination family you are part and parcel of our community. That is why we treat you this way – on an equal basis, with respect and justice.

You’ll get your very own personal contact partner, accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, wherever he / she is: in bed, the washroom or under a mistletoe tree. Your personal Spedination buddy will be your new BFF – best friend forever.

Geld verdienen als Frächter bei Spedition


years’ experience under the belt of our young team

Geld verdienen als Frächter bei Spedition


hours a day – your Spedination buddy is there for you around the clock

Geld verdienen als Frächter bei Spedition

98 %

of the fleet in our family of forwarders is being used

Geld verdienen als Frächter bei Spedition

40 %

of professional drivers in Germany will retire in the next 15 years, creating a gap that needs to be filled. This is why we make plans that suit the drivers.


Source: Roland Berger (Whitepaper)


Earn money as a forwarder

We’ll keep the revenue flowing for you as part of the Spedination family. Sound good? It gets better.

We like being direct. So let’s not beat about the bush: We know you want to earn money. We also know that other forwarding companies make life difficult for you by taking their sweet time.

Our dynamic approach to settling bills means your money is paid quickly and directly to your account. Our admin is a piece of cake, while billing is fair, crystal clear and on equal terms. Simply do the job properly and earn money just like that. That’s how it should be.

But we’re not done yet! You also save money by enjoying great conditions in our purchasing group. And we give you hands-on support to optimise your own processes. Let’s iron out those kinks together.

A partnership you can trust

Lodge your application as a freighter within the Spedination family and skyrocket your business to a totally new level. With a fair partnership on equal terms.

We are looking forward 4U!

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