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Reliable forwarding company for well-tuned operations

Continuous tracing and tracking for your goods in real time, digital Super Tools and a passionate cordial team next to you 24/7.

Focusing on your core business

A familiar situation: you are bogged down in boring admin issues and suddenly have to discuss with your freight forwarder problems related to handling your goods? Problems beyond the area of your responsibility. Problems you’re not supposed to face at all. It deprives you of precious time for your core business. It irritates you. Your goods have to be supplied to your customers and your mind has to be free for your core business. And NO excuses, please! 

Top Spedition Tirol

20 TB

is what we have available for you to digitally archive your data and shipping documents ready for the next audit

Top Spedition Tirol


number of languages we speak

Top Spedition Tirol


hours a day your personal contact partner in Spedination 
is next door to U

Top Spedition Tirol

99.8 %

of all freight services is well-orchestrated and timely

Being in the Spedination family we know exactly where a problem may occur, or where the process with a freight forwarder may get bogged down. We know the standard problems quite well since Thomas Kogler and his team of founders are professionals in the area. We know for sure how everything should go for you as our customer to be not just satisfied but to be truly happy

Yes, in Spedination we feel like a family where all members (both employees and forwarders) have the same object in mind and love what they do. Yes, we do love what we do and we live by it. All our transport operations are performed smoothly by means of digital Super Tools and a cordial professional service on a 24/7 basis, with common sense and trustworthy promises.

You get back the resources you need to fully focus on your core business. This ensures more sales and growth for your company. 

Thomas Kogler GF der Spedition Spedination GmbH Tirol
Digitalisierung in der Spedition

Digital Super Tools

The level of digitization in our company “Spedination” is much higher than usual in the industry. Our state-of-the-art IT landscape provides a high-level of support for our highly trained employees.

On request you can secure access to our tracing and tracking portal. So, you can locate your goods anytime anywhere. That gives you a good feeling and an extra dose of security.

Service with a handshake quality

As a customer you will get your personal contact person from Spedination family – accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week – with a cordial approach, common sense and handshake quality.

Looking forward to U!

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