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Helping players in the transport business grow.

That’s what we want. What about U?

Geld verdienen als Frächter für Spedition

Apply to become a forwarder and join the Spedination family!

I like driving for a living and want to earn more as a forwarder.

Geld verdienen als Spediteur

Apply to become an employee and join the Spedination family!

I want the coolest job in the world and to earn good money.

verlässliche Spedition für Transporte

Call us if you want your goods to be in the best hands!

We’ve gotta get our stuff out there. We want the best forwarders around.


We at Spedination are a highly motivated team and rearing to go. We’re a strong community of savvy lateral thinkers and nifty go-getters able to deliver fully digitalised and unrivalled quality.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone in apprentice training (after all, we are certified centre for vocational training) or a fully qualified forwarder with years of experience under their belt. We make an unbeatable team that’s full of beans and ready to go. We thrive on challenges where other forwarders throw up their hands in despair.

That’s the Spedination family. We get right to the point. No muss, no fuss. For us, it’s a matter of character and fairness. We love having proactive communication with customers – even when things are not quite so fine and dandy.

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Looking forward to meeting U!

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World around us

Fridays For Future, exhaust fumes, emissions, climate change. World on the brink of an abyss. Can we change it? No.

But: We drive only the latest-generation lorries with exhausts which are cleaner than city air (they really are!). Our “fleet” is environmentally far cleaner than heavy smokers’ rallies. Greater environmental stability is not that easy to find.

We are a forwarding company with the highest level of digitization and a set of intellectual Super Tools. Thus, we don’t create a pile of paper or a river of toxic ink being uselessly wasted and rubbish bins from being overfilled. But seriously, who is in a hurry to dispose of rubbish?


Digitalisation is our middle name with not a sheet of paper in sight – whether it be on the road or in the office at home.

Home Office, by the way. Being a Spedination transport family, we are immensely proud of offering mobile workplaces to our family members. Why can we afford it? Extremely easy: we supervise and control all transportation processes using smartphones and iPads. Each employee has all the required data at his / her disposal and is able to work with it at his / her discretion 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Many people can only dream of the chance to earn from their Home Office. As a part of the Spedination transport family, we are incredibly happy to help that dream of yours come true for even greater personal Work-Life-Balance.

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